Aston Martin’s Valkyrie is Coming, and It’s More Insane than We Thought

Aston Martin began talking about the 2019 Valkyrie over a year ago. First code named the AM-RB 001, it’s now being called the Aston Martin Valkyrie. They first came out with the Vulcan, the new DB11, and now this will be here some time in 2019? This company is working wonders.

When Aston first announced the Valkyrie, they said their goal was to have about 1 horsepower per kilogram (1 kilogram is about 2.2 pounds). It seems that the Aston Martin team may have exceeded that goal and left themselves some comfortable wiggle room.

What’s the Aston Martin Valkyrie Made Of?

Dubbed an “F1 car for the road” by Jalopnik, the Valkyrie is going to be properly insane if the latest reports are correct. We know it’s going to be a hybrid making around 1130 horsepower. Around 1000 of that is going to come from 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12. The remaining 130ish horses are reportedly going to come from a small electric engine.

Aston Martin Valkyrie Concept

The Valkyrie is also supposed to weight about 2,270 lbs (about 1030 kilograms). To put that into perspective, the Miata weighs 2,332 lbs and the Fiat 500 weighs 2,367 lbs. This would give the Aston Martin Valkyrie a power-to-weight ratio of about 2 lb/hp.

Red Bull Racing Formula One is helping Aston Martin to develop the Valkyrie, which would help to explain the crazy light weight.

For instance, they got rid of the wing mirrors on the car in place for cameras and LCD screens. This is to eliminate the weight of power adjustable mirrors. It also looks like the Valkyrie is going to be a one seater, which would further save a ton of weight.

Yes, you read what we said up a ways on the page correct. Even with things like the mirrors gone, Aston Martin wants the Valkyrie to be a road legal car. Despite how crazy this may (or may not) sound, they seem very sure of themselves on this.

This means that in a couple years there’s possibly going to be a car lighter than a Miata with more power than a P1 on the streets. That’s absolutely insane, and so is the Aston Martin Valkyrie.


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