5 of the Best Street Cars to Start Modding

Honda Civic SI

2. Honda Civic SI

The Honda Civic SI is the little brother to the Type R. Until 2017, however, the Civic Type R wasn’t available for purchase in the United States. It has a MSRP of about $34,000 and only 1 year of production, so there’s not a big supply of them. For this reason, we’ve chosen the SI to take the number 2 position on this list.

The stock SI has about 205 horsepower and a 0-60 time of 6.5 seconds. This isn’t too shabby for what the car is, but it could definitely be taken up a notch.

For instance, an essential for every car to mod is a cold air intake. It’s a cheap, easy way to gain a few new horses and lb-ft of torque. Adding an exhaust and some exterior mods like a front splitter are also good mods to start with on the SI. Overall, the Civic is an all around good car to do some basic mods to.

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